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Makarska was our stop in the middle of two main destinations. Dubrovnik and Split. We didn't want to drive all day long and after a bit of research, we concluded that Makarska was a very good option for a night stay. And indeed, it was. We just wanted to relax a bit and enjoy the sea, the food, some drinks and a good night. Well we did all that and we also had an unexpected hike :)

Nugal Beach - Hiking and Swimming

There are a few things you need to know before visiting Nugal beach:

  • First of all, it is a super beautiful, secluded, picturesque small bay

  • Half of the beach is unofficially used by nudists

  • You must walk around 45 minutes through a forest before you reach Nugal beach. There are a few ways to walk there. Click here to check out the location in google maps to get an understanding.

Nugal Beach

If you don't mind walking / hiking and the above mentioned fact about nudists, Nugal beach is an absolute pleasure. We didn't mind either. Actually even though we were taken by surprise, we enjoyed the hike a lot. We drove there up to a certain point and then walked through the Osejava Forest Park.

Makarska Port walk and sunset experience

Makarska has a typical little Croatian Adriatic coast port which that you must visit. Actually if you stay in Makarska, you cannot not visit the port, because the village is basically the port, the main road in front of the port and some houses around it. It is, after all, a small village of approximately 15000 residents. Anyway, we enjoyed our walk across the port and back. Twice. Once at daylight and once at night, to experience both sceneries and also to explore our food and drinks options, along the coastline. It's not a long walk.

Makarska Port

At some point, while walking it was sunset time. Guys, when the sun sets in Croatian coastlines especially on picturesque places, like the port of Makarska, you must find your perfect spot and then stop and stare. I cannot describe the feeling.

Check out also:

  • Makarska Observatory

  • St. Peter Forest Park

  • Pivnica Pivac for local beers

Pivnica Pivac


If you wanna eat something cheap and fast, try the main Konzum Supermarket in Makarska (chain supermarket around Croatia) which has a great food canteen with various options for you to try eat).

This is what we did and how we enjoyed Makarska. I hope you enjoyed it and I hope that you can find some useful information if you are planning to visit it. If you want to find more about Croatia, check my blog posts below.

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