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Pedoulas - Νot just a winter destination

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

So, I was invited by my cousin to his little holiday home in Pedoulas. I don't remember ever staying there during the summer holidays. Only sometimes during winter. Usually people in Cyprus think that Mountainous Cyprus staying fits better during winter, but my mind always goes like ''if you like it , then go for it'', there are no rules to those kind of things.

View from my cousins holiday home

Anyway let’s get into it! What did we do in Pedoulas for two days and two nights? How can one spend his time up there? Especially if that one, is the adventure kind of person. I will name and describe a bunch of things, some we did during our latest stay during August and some are suggestions which I experienced in Pedoulas and the surrounding areas, throughout my latest years of wandering, as I am the ‘’cypriotonthemove’’ 🤣 if you noticed.

First of all chill out

Chilling we did a lot. Do not underestimate hanging back and resting a bit. Especially during the hot Cyprus summer weather! Pedoulas altitude is 1100 m, surrounded by mountain forests. Being up there, where the temperature is approximately 10 Celsius degrees below than the major cities, away from the crowded beaches and seaside city traffic, is delightful.

Anyhow, hanging back, chatting (actual chat, not online 😆) with friends, feel the calmness of the mountains , reading a book are some the things i enjoyed.

Wander around the village


Pedoulas belongs to a category of villages in Cyprus that you might have heard a lot about, but during your first visit , you will still be surprised. It is very interesting, with big history and nice people who always have a good story to tell. Walking in Pedoulas alleys is definitely a good idea. THERE ARE 10 HISTORIC CHURCHES. Go figure. How is that even possible , or even logical?!

And most of them are close to each other in short walking distance. My point is that there are lots of things to see and experience in Pedoulas. The village has two museums. Pedoulas Byzantine Museum and the Folkloric Museum , so while walking around the village check them out. We didn’t do that while on our latest visit, because we experienced them before. You will also find a local product shop, a couple of kiosks and supermarkets, so don’t bring everything from the city you're coming from and try supporting the locals.


Discover the villages nearby

Kalopanagiotis , Moutoulas and Oikos are the three villages you meet before you enter Pedoulas , if you are driving from Nicosia. Check them out if you have time or visit them separately on another day. But you definitely have to visit all these three villages.

Oikos Village


Me and the guys try to hike every time we visit a new village. Nature trails is where you feel free, calm down, exercise and get in touch with nature. On some occasions, you meet the paths that people used to walk, either between villages, or the path to an important destination of the past.

Here are some of your hiking choices:

Along Loutra tis Rigenas & Chlio Hiking Trail

Point of Interest

Moutoullas View Point / Observatory

- Holy Cross Church in Pedoulas. I pick this place , not as religious church to visit but for the surrounding area of the church. It is relatively on a higher altitude than the rest of the village, and you can enjoy the view of Pedoulas on the east and the beautiful mountain ranges on the west. We enjoyed the sunset there.

- Moutoullas view point. Between the village of Pedoulas and Moutoullas, you can find an observatory from which you can enjoy the amazing view of the villages mentioned above. You have to drive off road for about 1 km, so be aware. Otherwise just park where the asphalt road ends and walk a bit.

We visited both places in one day and we enjoyed the views for some hours. I strongly recommend those two , especially early mornings or afternoons before sunset.

Useful info

1. Accommodation in Pedoulas is not an issue, if you want to stay more than a day. I suggest that you pre-book.

2. There's bunch of places to enjoy traditional Cypriot food in Pedoulas, or the villages nearby, that i mentioned before.

3. Cherry Festival is an annual event organised by the community council and takes place usually during June. Enjoy the summer fruit, other agricultural local products with the folkloric music and dance events.

4. Archangelos Michael church in Pedoulas is listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site.

5. ''The history of Pedoulas dates back to Byzantine times and during the Frankish and Venetian periods it was a royal estate''.....

Pedoulas was amazing , with fresh experiences during our staying and a small ''oasis'' in the middle of the summer. I hope you enjoyed this post and found it useful.

Please feel free to contact.

Moving on to the next destination. Cheers!

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