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ROAD TRIP: Aplikiou Lake - Kafizides Dam

Hey guys. Get ready for a SUPER ROAD TRIP. Oh my , this one we enjoyed greatly. I strongly suggest that you do this road trip during the months between December and March after heavy rains , once the dams start overflowing and the rivers are rich in water, whereas the views are absolutely magical. This is a full day road trip that can be accomplished in any order of each destination mentioned below, but I suggest you follow my order. Bear in mind that after the 1st stop you will not have access to food , water and beverages, so be prepared. Let's do this.

  • Molos Flasou

  • St. George Church in Flasou

  • Aplikiou Lake (mine lake)

  • Lefka Dam (south side)

  • Kafizides River

  • Kafizides Dam

Molos Flasou

Molos Flasou is just outside of Flasou Village , along Karkotis river (or Klarios river). Molos Flasou is an area which consists of a small park and a restored water mill , from where you can enjoy the views of the running water along Karkotis river. Click here for the location.

Karkotis river

St. George Church (Flasou)

This place of worship was not planned and we also didn't know its presence there. There are so many places of worship in Cyprus so during our road trips we came across a lot of them. Nevertheless I only mention some of the places of worship that might impress me by its architecture , aesthetic and/or history etc. St. George's church is an architectural beauty and located on a hilltop with amazing views and beautiful surroundings. Location is here.

St. George Church (Flasou)

Aplikiou Lake (mine lake)

Many of my road trips include Mine lake destinations. Maybe one day I will do a separate article that emphasizes in Mine lakes , which I think is a very important period of Cypriot history. For now we will just enjoy them individually , mostly aesthetically at each road trip. Aplikiou mine lake was active during 1968-71 and got its name from the surrounding area toponym which was Apliki. The excavation of the Mine retains an amount of water.

The remaining minerals turn its color into a deep kind of turquoise color (I don't do well with colors apart from green, blue, red, yellow, orange :) ). The deep excavation , with the trees on its slopes, combined with the turquoise lake , complete a beautiful picturesque landscape that you must definitely visit.

Make sure you search for various spots, above and down the lake , to shoot and enjoy the scenery. Click Here for the location. You will need to do some ‘’scouting’’ around to reach the elevation of the lake.

Lefka Dam (south side)

There are two Dams in Cyprus named Lefka. One on the north and one on the south side of the island. Both Dams are near the Town of Lefka, thus their names. The one I am talking about today is on the south side of the island. The Dam is filled by water that flows from Setrachos which travels from the hillsides of Troodos and also fills Kalopanayiotis Dam along the way. There are some hilltop spots around Lefka Dam where you can enjoy a panoramic view including Morfou Bay. The spillway part of the dam where the water falls is very interesting and accessible to walk on top of it. Be very very careful though, it is not a very safe spot to play with. Check the location here.

Lefka Dam

Kafizides River

Kafizides River is wonderful. I will suggest a certain spot though where you can enjoy an amazing view of the river flowing through mountains and leads to the shores of Karavostasi village in the North side of the island. Click here for the location on google maps.

Kafizides River

This is the location of a small road bridge above Kafizides river where you can park near and enjoy the views of the river. There are small walking pathways where you can walk if you feel more adventurous. Be careful though not to walk a lot further to the North , because you might end up within the UN buffer zone , which is of course forbidden.

Kafizides Dam

Just near the bridge , while you drive western (basically continue driving in the same direction that you did before) 50-100 m after the bridge there is a left turn on an unpaved road that leads you to, so you might not see a single soul around. You will love this dam and its surrounding.

Kafizides Dam

Be careful though guys, there is no mobile signal reception. Travel at least in pairs and always notify someone of your destinations when visiting places like that. Don't worry it is not at all dangerous, but secluded places away from villages and with no mobile phone signal, have a certain level of difficulty, trying to contact anyone if something happens.


This was it guys. I hope you enjoyed reading about it and I really hope you go out there and do this road trip. It is a big one this time I know and if you find it difficult to do the whole road trip you can skip some parts. I wish you didn't, but if you need to I suggest you skip Molos Flasou and St. George Church in Flasou. Anyway ‘’Molos Flasou’’ is a destination included in another road trip I added. Click here to check it out.

Make sure to subscribe if you haven’t done so already. Until the next time….Cheers!

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Georgios Georgiou
Georgios Georgiou
Feb 27, 2022

Cool roadtrip dude!

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