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ROAD TRIP: Lazanias - Spilia tis Athasias

Updated: Oct 9, 2021

Hello guys! This road trip is more of a mix up of small hiking routes. Three out of the four destinations below are places of interest that need a bit of walking for you to enjoy them. So, if you want to enjoy this road trip at its fullest, start early and be prepared. Let's get into it..

  • Lazanias Village

  • Pedieos River

  • Kakokefalos View Point

  • Spilia tis Athasias

Lazanias Village

Lazanias is one of my favorite villages in Cyprus. Unfortunately, there are less than 10 inhabitants at this moment in Lazanias. You can enjoy walking in the narrow streets of the village leading to the church of St. George at the village center. Most of the stone wall houses are well preserved and while walking in the alleys, you feel like entering a different time period.

Lazanias Alleys

While you are in Lazanias, you can enjoy a good traditional Cypriot buffet in ‘’Μαγεία Λαζανιάς - Magia Lazanias’’ (because of Covid restriction you should call first). Many people visit Lazanias just to enjoy the lovely meals of “Magia” and enjoy the beautiful views of Machairas Forest on the road there.


Pedieos River

Most people, when they hear “Pedieos River”, immediately think of the river in Nicosia. Pedieos River, though, rises from the mountains of Machairas and flows next to the villages of Politiko, Pera, Episkopion, Ergates, Anaya etc, until it reaches Strovolos and Nicosia then Mesaoria plain and flows into Ammochostos Bay. Pedieos is the biggest river in Cyprus and has a total length of 98 km

Starting Point of Machairas - Lazanias Hiking Trail

Driving from Lazanias Village to Machairas monastery , just before you reach the monastery on your left you will see a sign writing E4. That's the starting point (click here for the location on google maps) of Machairas - Lazanias Hiking Trail , which is also a part of E4 European Hiking Trail (which we will get into another time) as well. Our road trip includes walking a small part of the trail approximately 2 km back and forth. Just to reach the river of Pedieos , enjoy it, get an understanding where this river rises, work out :) along the way and walk back.

Kakokefalos Viewpoint

Kakokefalos View Point

On your way from the Machairas Monastery to ‘’Spilia tis Athasias’’ hiking trail (Lazanias - Vavatsinia Road) , you will find Kakokefalos Viewpoint. A Wooden canopy at the height of approximately 12000 m altitude. You can rest and enjoy the panoramic views of the surrounding area and Mesaoria plain.

Click here for the exact location on google maps. You can also walk up to a small hill for less than 100 m to the east of Kakokefalos Viewpoint where the view is even better.

Spilia tis Athasias Hiking Route

‘’Spilia tis Athasias’’ which actually means cave of the almond tree (for the non-greek readers), is a small tunnel believed that it was excavated hundreds of years ago, as a small mine for exploitation. Near the small tunnel, you can see some almond trees within the dense pine forest. Hence the name of the hiking trail leading to the cave‘’ Spilia tis Athasias’’. I have already published a post, especially for ''Spilia tis Athasias'' Hiking trail, so if you'd like more information about it Click Here.

''Spilia tis Athasias''

That's it guys. This is our latest road trip , which is a bit different than the others, it is more demanding on your physical skills. It’s not our standard drive , park and enjoy the point of interest trip , so be prepared. It is definitely worth your time though. Give it a shot and let me know, leave your comment below or send me a message. Make sure to subscribe below, if you haven’t. Until the next time, cheers!

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