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ROAD TRIP: Mammari Caves to Mitsero Green Lake.

Hey you all. Another road trip is up. It has been a couple of months since we did this road trip , but I couldn't get a minute or two to sit and write this down. Anyway this is it now. Me and my buddy George wanted a half day road trip, with a not so tight schedule, hence we did some Improvisation on the road and finished this lovely road trip with just 3 stops. Let's get right into it.

  • Mammari caves

  • Mitsero Green Lake

  • Pollikattos Peak

Mammari Caves

In the village of Mammari , there is a complex of man-made caves which you can visit. The place is a spectacle that has been created through decades of excavations by people trying to exploit the stone and sand of the mountains, which was used for construction reasons.

Entering Mammari Caves

The quarry ‘’Vounaros’’ operated on this place from 1920 until 1970, forging most of the caves you can observe there. Take your time and enjoy the remarkable images made by nature and humans. The views differ , depending on the time of the day you visit the place and the season. So I would suggest that you visit this place more than once. I know I will. Click here for the Mammari Caves location.

Mitsero Green Lake

Mitsero Green Lake

You may have heard of the famous Mitsero red lake. Did you know that there is a Green lake in Mitsero as well? Well there is and it’s amazing. The green lake is actually an abandoned mine which maintains an amount of water , thus the green mine lake Driving from Agrokipia village to Mitsero , before reaching the residential area of Mitsero you will see a small sign on your right hand, which immediately leads to Mitsero Green Lake. Click here for the exact location, drive up there and enjoy…

Pollikattos Mountain Peak

Pollikattos is the toponym of a mountain peak in Agia Marina (Xyliatou), from where the visitor can observe various points of interest from above , including Vyzakia Dam. It is a natural view point which I recommend for you to visit and relax a little bit. We enjoyed the views of Vyzakia dam, the bay of Morfou , Troodos mountain range on the north and shot some photos of the sun setting in the mountains of Paphos forest. By the way a big round of applause, to the person who thought of placing a bench up there. Congrats. Click here for the location on google maps.

Pollikattos Peak

IMPORTANT. It's a bit tricky and dangerous to drive up there even with a 4x4 car. I would suggest you leave your car on the mountain's foothills and walk the rest of the way.

View from Pollikattos Peak

This is it guys. This half day road trip tour is over. I hope you enjoyed reading about it. Give it a try and let me know how it was. You can of course try this, by following a different order than the one I suggest , depending on your starting point and your convenience etc. This road trip can easily become a full day if you have the time to spend, by adding a point of interest or two (Vyzakia Dam, Xyliatos Dam etc) , or by taking more time to enjoy the locations i suggested , take some pictures, have a picnic and relax a little bit. Make sure to subscribe below, if you haven’t. Until the next time, cheers!

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