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ROAD TRIP TO KIONIA: Mathiatis & Sha Mines - Lefkara Dam - Kionia -Filani Lake

Updated: Jun 20, 2021

Another road trip, another Saturday adventure. Are You ready?

Watch the small film of our road trip at the end of the post ! !

Saturday morning! It is Mid September, but the weather is still summerish. Me and my buddy George, started the journey relatively early morning at 9:00 a.m. and returned back home at around 18:30. So, it is a full day road trip. Then again, this depends on where your start/end point is, whether if you follow the exact suggested lineup or mix it and the time spent at each stop!

Note that driving a car able for some off road, makes the trip a bit easier! It is Not necessary though!

Mathiatis abandoned Mine

Mathiatis Mine

We have a significant number of abandoned Mines in Cyprus and each one has its unique beauty and a story behind it. Though we visit them and enjoy their beauty, we must always keep in mind that most mines, after their abandonment, they have not been restored properly or not at all.

Anyway, Mathiatis mine is quite deep and you cannot walk towards the bottom because it has protective fencing for safety reasons. The view from the top though is pretty beautiful.

Sha abandoned Mine

This mine might be the photographer's favorite due to its beauty and playful colours. The rain water keeps filling the excavations of the mine since the 80’s, when it was abandoned. Creating a picturesque lake with deep red and yellow colour shades, due to the metallic mine remains.

If you are a photography enthusiast or a professional, you may spend hours there. Note that Sha’s mine is less than 10 minute drive from Mathiatis mine.

Lefkara Dam

This came as a surprise to me. Lefkara Dam is one of the biggest in Cyprus, with a storage capacity of 13,850 m³. Its unique shape, big size and the surrounding forest mountains make it very attractive. During the entire time we spent there, one question kept coming to my head. ‘’Why the hell, is this my first time up here?’’

Lefkara Lake

The unpaved road around the dam, which is relatively easy to drive through, if you wish to explore more, is on a higher elevation of the dam. That provides ideal scenery of the lake and gives you the chance to observe the lake from various points of view.

Lefkara Village

I don't have much to say about Lefkara (Pano Lefkara to be precise) village in this post, because a separate one will be published in the future, which will be completely dedicated to the amazing village of Lefkara. We stopped at Pano Lefkara for a small break for snacks and coffee. And of course a small walk through the scenic village. Our choice for snack and coffee was “Marikou pou ta Lefkara”coffee shop.

Be aware! If it's your first time in Pano Lefkara, don't fall in love too much and forget that we still have some locations to visit!

Kionia Area

Cyta's Kionia Tower

Kionia is a Mountainous area , around the Cyta’s structure / radar system. Not much is known about that structure, nevertheless that is not our subject but the whole area of Kionia, which is actually part of the Machairas Forest. Kionia area and specifically the road that leads to Kionia tower / Cyta’s structure, is quite interesting.

Classic Cypriot forestry area with 4-5 observation viewpoints, hiking trails and of course a picnic area to rest in the forest (suitable for barbecue).

View Point on the Road to Kionia

Filani Lake

Before I say anything about Filani lake, you should know that it is a bit tricky driving there. Drive from Kionia picnic area with direction to Kapedes village. Half way you will find ‘’Agios Onoufrios’’ church from where you turn left before passing it. After that it is 2.5 km off road driving, straight on. Check out the location on google maps by clicking here.

Now, about the lake, which is actually some kind of mine again, but I couldn’t dig up any other information about it. Other than the fact that it is absolutely amazing, locals say that some people actually swim there (don't know if you should or shouldn’t but I haven’t tried it yet). My guess - and that's just a guess, is that it was a stone mine and not a mineral mine, as most are in Cyprus. Anyway, if anyone knows anything, please share the info.

Filani Lake was our last stop during our road trip around 18:00 and the only regret is that we didn't have a beer to enjoy :)

Note: Guys be careful while visiting old mines. Some have big craters, others have slippery ground, contaminated water etc. Safety first.

Anyway guys, that was our latest road trip. We had a blast! I hope you do too. Feel free to contact me at any time and don't forget to subscribe. Until the next time. Cheers!

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