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ROAD TRIP: Xyliatos - Saranti - Lagoudera

Hey guys. New road trip, new adventure. This time, me and George drove from Xyliatos to Lagoudera Village and made some interesting stops and detours along the way.

Check them out…

  • Memi Lake

  • Lagoudera medieval Bridge

  • Lagoudera reservoir

  • Antenna Viewpoint

  • Vineyards

Memi Lake

Memi is an abandoned mine located in Xyliatos village. The excavation pit of the mine is filled with rainwater, which forms a beautiful deep turquoise color lake, because of the mineral wastes within the excavation. It is an easily accessible location and perfect as a first stop on our road trip. Click here for the location.

Memi Mine Lake

Lagoudera medieval Bridge

I wonder why I have not ever mentioned this old bridge. This is a cute little old bridge that locals were using to cross over the river while heading from Xyliatos to Lagoudera and Saranti village and vice versa. You may wanna visit this place (click here), more than once, in various seasons and times of the day because it offers different images at each time. The river that flows beneath the medieval bridge, emerges from Madari mountain and the Nicosia District villages of Pitsilia below and heads down to Xyliatos Dam.

Lagoudera medieval Bridge

Lagoudera reservoir

Lagoudera reservoir is a small dam for irrigation purposes, to help the villages nearby. The dam is surrounded by mountain forests and on the south you can witness some old houses of Lagoudera village. Its location makes the views really beautiful. You should turn left once you enter Lagoudera village (if you are driving from Xyliatos) and the road will lead you to the dam. You will drive on an unpaved road for awhile but don't worry if you don't have a 4*4 car, the road is pretty good. Don’t worry you won’t get lost, click here for the location.

Lagoudera reservoir

Antena Viewpoint

Antena Viewpoint , is on a peak that offers views of various places of Cyprus and it is worth your visit. You can enjoy the beautiful view of Morfou Bay, the mountains and villages of Solea valley and beyond. You will definitely enjoy the views, especially if you are lucky with the weather. The scenery was so relaxing that we had our break up there for snacks and a couple of beers. I am planning to go back up there again for the sunset. You must drive from Lagoudera back to Saranti villages and then head southwest up to the hill. Click here for the location.

Morfou Bay from Antena Viewpoint


From the road that leads you to ‘’Antenna Viewpoint’’ (Saranti - Spilia road), there is a point that you turn right to enter an unpaved road to reach Antenna Viewpoint. Well instead of right , turn left and this unpaved road will lead you to some vineyards with breathtaking views. Make sure you drive there this time of the year (Spring - Summer) where the vineyards are green and start blooming. In order to enjoy the views better don't go during the midday, unless is cloudy, thus you should prefer visiting the vineyard late afternoon before sunset (don’t get lost during the low light hours).


This is it Guys. I think you will enjoy this Road Trip, so give it a try if you want, and let me know what you think about it. I hope you enjoyed this post. Make sure to subscribe, if you haven’t. Until the next time, cheers!!

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