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''aroundnicosia'' project , is mainly an Instagram blog , which i have created on November of 2018 and since then i am the administrator. My passion for photography and my love for my home-country's capital city Nicosia , pushed me to create an Instagram photography blog for promoting the city of Nicosia. The blog consists of reposted photographs of professionals , enthusiasts and hobbyists photographers.

AROUNDNICOSIA has reached more than 10,000 followers, hundreds of photograph posts and thousands of stories of people in Nicosia. It might be a personal blog, but it actually belongs to the city, to the people, to everyone that gets involved to it , shares amazing photographs and stories tagging and hash tagging aroundnicosia.

This project began , with not so clear goals , other than promoting the city with photographs , through the eyes of it's residents and visitor. And so it does my friends. Nicosia is a city deserves A LOT MORE in so many aspects. And this blog to some extent, tries to push in that direction!



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This City deserves more!

That's what this blog is all about it.

Check it out and

give me your thoughts and suggestions about the city and the blog. Either you are local or passing through!

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