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Updated: Oct 9, 2021

''Loumata ton aeton'' , is one of the most beautiful non demanding hiking trails I've enjoyed in Cyprus. It is located within Troodos National Forest Park which is a very important natural area of Cyprus. The biggest part of the trail was an old route the workers of the asbestos mine used to walk along. Asbestos = (amiantos) , hence the name of the nearby village.

The starting point of the trail is between Amiantos Village – SEK Camping Site road.

Click here for the exact location. The route is about 2.5 km and the average duration of your hike will be 1hr. Be careful though, if you are a photographer and a nature enthusiast , you might need more time. It almost took us 2hrs :) because every once in a while we stopped for photoshooting.

Almost Half of the route is a downslope until you reach the river where you will walk along , until the ending point. The views while hiking along the river are unforgettable, depending which season and time you will visit. At some point you will have to cross the river , so be careful.

Official Info from the Cyprus Forest Department

  • Route: 2.5 km – linear

  • Duration: 1 hour

  • Degree of difficulty: Moderate

  • Maximum - Minimum altitude 1110m – 1010m

  • General description: Smooth path

  • Starting point: Amiantos – SEK Camping Site road

  • GPS coordinates (UTM-WGS84) 493784N/3863663E

  • Most suitable period: April - November

  • Cautionary notes: river crossings, water level rises during winter months, risk of slipping


  • I disagree with the suitable period suggestion. We hiked during March and it was absolutely amazing. This mostly depends on the weather of each season. So keep that in mind.

  • Bear in mind that the route of the hiking trail is linear. So at the ending point you have two options. Either head back from the same route you came along, either carry on going straight on until you reach the main road. Follow the road through the village, toward the SEK camping site where you parked and the trail becomes circular. Following this option you also get a glimpse of the village.

  • For more information about this trail click here.

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