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ROAD TRIP: Dipotamos Dam - Kalavasos Dam & Mine , Drapia Abandoned Village & Kellaki

Updated: Jun 20, 2021

Here comes another one guys! Suit up , get ready, here we go . .

Me George and Dena set out to discover a rural part of Larnaca and Limassol

- Kalavasos Village

- Kellaki Village

- Limassol Quarry on Grigori Afxentiou street

Dipotamos Dam

Dipotamos is a beautiful weird shaped dam in the district of Larnaca. It can hold 15.5 million cubic meters of water, being the 6th biggest dam in Cyprus. It has overflowed just twice since it’s construction in 1985.

Dipotamos Dam

Kalavasos Train Tracks

Inside the ‘’communal park Maria’’ you can find a beautiful old train engine and wagons, that in the past transported the ore from the mines of Kalavasos to Vasilikos. Make a stop there for a few minute, before reaching Kalavasos village, it worth your time.

Kalavasos Village

As mentioned above Kalavasos is a very old village with ancient history. Take some time to visit the village, walk its streets and take a coffee break in the village square where you can find some coffee shops.

Drapia Abandoned Settlement

Ruins of Drapia Settlement

On our way to Kalavasos Dam we did a small detour due to some road works, and accidentally reached a tiny abandoned settlement. We Immediately, jumped out of the car to explore the ruins while wondering the story of this place until an elderly couple driving through, gave us a quick history lesson.

Drapia and Parsata village (which is a few km further) date back to the Venetian ruling of Cyprus. They were built and settled by miners and people arrived from all over Cyprus to seek fortune, because of the serious mining activities of the surrounding area. It is believed that the name of the village comes from the administrative region of southern Italy called Drapia.

Kalavasos Dam and Mine

There are five abandoned mines around Kalavasos village that used to excavate for copper. The mining area of Kalavasos covers a range of 18 square kilometres. Unfortunately we didn't have enough time to explore the mines, nor the knowledge of their exact location.

On our way to Kalavasos Dam (just next to it) though, there are signs directing you to one of the mines, which is actually an underground mine next to an abandoned structure used for mining. You should definitely check it out before reaching the Dam. Have in mind that to reach both destinations you have to drive for approximately 2 km on an unpaved road.

Note: Do not attempt to enter the underground mine path , it is abandoned for a long time and it's unsafe)

Sinoa View Point

Sinoa View Point

Sinoa View Point might sound one of the same, but the view of the sea, the mountains and valleys is very pretty! It has a unique view of Akrotiri Bay and Limassol Bay! If you have enough time you can enjoy the sunset from Sinoa.


We had a small break for food and resting in Manola Tavern before heading back. If you have extra time, take a walk around Kellaki village, to have a look and get a first impression of the small village.


Limassol Quarry

As we drove down the Grigori Afxentioy street to reach Limassol - Nicosia highway , we stumbled on a very interesting spectacle. The view of the Limassol query from above and the Bay of Akrotiri further far, worth stopping for a while and enjoy it.

Limassol Quarry & Akrotiri Bay

Well that’s it for the day, as far as wandering and discovering rural Larnaca and Limassol. Hope you liked it. Make sure to subscribe if you haven’t done already. Until the next time….Cheers!

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