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Road Trip during hot Summer days: Waterfalls and Medieval Bridges

Updated: Oct 9, 2021

Hey guys. Long time no see. Summer in Cyprus ain't so easy. The weather is always too hot and the atmosphere is too humid, thus almost every Cypriot runs to the beaches to cool down and relax. For those who seek alternatives and miss road tripping and discovering the island, I have made a road trip for you , suitable during hot summer days (suitable for all seasons though). So sit tight, subscribe if you haven’t and let’s begin

  • Millomeris waterfall

  • Milia medieval bridge

  • Chantara Waterfall

  • Bridge of Piskopou

  • Governors beach & White Stones

Millomeris Waterfalls

Millomeris is one of the most famous waterfalls in Cyprus, but surprisingly is not as crowded as you would expect. I visited the waterfall a few times in the past years and it was always fine as long as the number of visitors was low. We came across some people during our latest visit, but it was absolutely fine. We sat back for a while, enjoyed the view until the people in front and around left and we shot that ‘’perfect’’ picture. By the way if you are up to it, you can swim in the small lake created on the bottom of the 15 m waterfall. Be aware though, the water is very cold during summer and please do not even think about trying this in the winter :)

Quick Info: Millomeris Waterfall is located in the southeastern area of Platres village. Click here for the exact location, and have in mind that you have to drive for a while on a dirt road. Don’t worry though, it is easily accessible by any type of car. If you are up for a short hike, there is a 1 km pathway , starting from Pano Platres village and leading to the waterfall. Check the starting location here.

Milia medieval bridge

Firstly, I must say that the Milia stone bridge is one of the prettiest I've seen. It is not an amazing bridge as a structure, but its location, the surrounding dense forest and the beautiful river Kryos that flows through creates a beautiful, relaxing scenery.

Interesting: Millomeris waterfall mentioned above , is also part of Kryos River.

If you follow my suggestion and visit Milia Bridge after your visit to Millomeris by car, then you have to drive back , reach the halt stop (it a dirt road, but you will get it) and turn right, drive 1-2 minutes and you will reach a point that you will see the sign of ‘’Milia Bridge’’. Park there and follow the pathway that leads to the Bridge. You can park here (google maps location) and the bridge is here (google maps location) , but be careful, because google maps doesn’t recognize the dirt road, and might drive you there through a different route , which I wouldn’t suggest.

Tip. If you choose to walk from Platres to Millomeris waterfalls , you have the option to continue hiking until you reach the bridge and then continue straight the hiking route until you reach Platres Village and your initial starting point. I wouldn’t suggest that during the summer season, unless you start really early.

Chantara Waterfall

I love Chantara waterfall. It is not as impressive and as big as Millomeris but I love it. It is the place I wanna stop and have a beer or coffee for a while and just enjoy the environment around me. After your visit please tell me your impressions. It is also an amazing sight during the winter period where the water flows massively.

The impressive waterfall of Hantara (Chantara) is found on the river Diarizos, north of the village of Fini. People who wish to visit, can reach it either from the village of Fini (0.3 km asphalt and 1.2 km dirt road) or from the monastery of Trooditissa (3.5 km dirt road) or from the village of Pano Platres (2.9 km asphalt and 2.6 km dirt road). Access is through a short and easy dirt road, which stops just a few meters from the waterfall. Click here for the location on google maps.

Tip: whilst passing through Fini village main road which is on a higher altitude than Fini, make sure you stop at the view point (you will notice it) where you can enjoy a beautiful view of Fini village and it’s surroundings from above.

Bridge of Piskopou

The Bridge of Piskopou (=bishop In Greek / Cypriot dialect) is our final destination before heading to the beach for some extra cooling :) It was constructed during the 16th century on the vines surrounding the Fini village, has an 8 m arc and is one of many bridges of Limassol district. The river flows under it is Diarizos which leads to Kouklia village in Paphos. It is an interesting quick stop to get an understanding of the river flow direction and importance, the rule of the local life significance of bridges and of course enjoy its beauty.

Tip. If you are skipping the final beach part, make sure to schedule your trip to reach the bridge before sunset and the sunlight will compensate you.

Governors beach & White Stones

If bridges, forests, rivers and waterfalls were not enough for you, then let's head to the beach. Either Governors beach for relaxing , or the white stones nearby for discovering, or even both.

Long story short Governors beach is a series of organized sandy beaches and various choices of restaurants. A few hundreds of meters north of governors beach you can see a huge stretch of white rock seaside, which makes it a beautiful sight to the eyes.


That's all for this road trip guys. I hope you enjoyed reading it and I definitely hope you will enjoy this road trip even more. You can skip one or two destinations if you don’t have enough time or you feel like making it short and easier. Otherwise give it a try. I know I found it amazing and can't wait to try it during fall or spring. We started our trip from Nicosia so if you are coming from other cities , you might wanna follow a different order of that if I suggest. Come on , be creative. :) give it a try and let me know, leave your comment below or send me a message. Make sure to subscribe below, if you haven’t. Until the next time, cheers!

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