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Updated: Nov 15, 2021

Hey guys... Long time no see! Covid-19 restrictions held our road trips back, a lot. I've managed to organise a short road trip though and I will get into it right away.

- Alona

Note: You can find the locations on google maps. Just click on the names above.



Along Maroullena river you can enjoy the Hiking route named - ‘’Pikrovrisi tis Merikas’’. Beautiful short hiking route with impressive canyons of unique beauty.

Hiking Trail ''Pikrovrisi Tis Merikas''

Ancient Tunnel ‘’Galaria’’

Regarding this one, we just stamped into it while exploring the area. I couldn’t find any information about when this tunnel was excavated or what is the purpose of it. My guess is that it was a test excavation, to check whether the mountain has minerals.

Ancient Tunnel ‘’Galaria’’

The tunnel entrance is just a hole in the mountain of an average human size and goes through the mountain for approximately 15 m where it stops. Walking in the tunnel has a down-slope direction with no stairs of course and an uncertain quality of the surfaces inside the tunnel, so bear that in mind if you decide to enter. If you do so, be super careful.

Kalo Chorio Dam

This is not one of the most big, or amazing dams, but it is a cute little dam and worth a brief stop, especially during rainy seasons. It is on your way after all. The dam was constructed in 1947 for irrigation purposes and has a capacity of 82.000 m³. Another thing is that this dam is not so popular and kind of hidden from the road ‘’Kalo Chorio - Gouri’’. Make sure you give it a shot.

Palaichori Dam

This dam is one of the most beautiful ones and it has an amazing way of overflowing because of the dam's spillway shape. Surrounded by forest trees in a beautiful mountainous area, it is a perfect place for a break, some relaxing and maybe even some walking and exploration.

Palaichori Dam

It was constructed in 1973 with 620.000m³ capacity. By the way, the water that spills after overflowing, heads down the river and passes through Diplopotamos, which I have mentioned above.


Alona is a village that I've mentioned before and will probably make a separate post just for it later on, because I think it has much to say. The reason I've put that on this list though is not about the village actually, but for the route to get there.

Road to Alona

Follow the Palaichori - Argos road (do not turn to Alona-Palaichori road just after Palaichori village) and drive on for approximately 6 km. You will notice a small sign with the name ‘’Alona’’ directing you to a right turn, use that road. It is an 8 km old road that leads to Alona through large fields of vineyards, dating back centuries ago. The route is mesmerizing and thought is a 10 minute drive, it will take much longer time. I suggest you drive this route more than once, in various seasons and weather conditions. Do not miss this one. Once you experience this , you will remember me.


That's it guys. Lack of time due to covid-19 restrictions, didn’t allow me and George to plan our road trip as we wished. That’s not a bad thing though. That gives you more free time for other things during the day, or more time to enjoy the points of interest I mentioned above and a big lunch break at a tavern or a picnic. If you are travelling from Limassol or Paphos district, you start from the last destination and travel backwards.

Guys, if anyone has any information about the Ancient Tunnel ‘’Galaria’’ I mentioned above, leave your comment or send me a message. Leave your comment for any other reason you want either way. Make sure to subscribe below, if you haven’t. Until the next time, cheers!

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Oct 13, 2022

Alona Village-the friendliest and best village in Cyprus!!

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