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ROAD TRIP: From Kokkinovouno Tunnel to Kampia Mine Lake

Hey guys. Get ready for another amazing road trip. Today’s tour involves some abandoned mines near villages within the district of Nicosia. So if you are living in Nicosia this will be easy and you can organize the whole thing to last a few hours or even a whole day, depending on your time and likings. Let's get into this.

  1. Kokkinovouno Tunnel

  2. Kokkinovouno Mine Lake

  3. Tamassos Reservoir (dam)

  4. Kampia Mine Lake

Kokkinovouno Tunnel

Kokkinovouno Tunnel is yet another abandoned mine in Nicosia District. I didn't know about the existence of this place until recently and unfortunately I couldn't and still can't find any information about it. I will let this go for now , because there are so many undocumented places of importance in Cyprus. If any of you reading this knows anything please do tell.

I was amazed by this place, a man-made cave that has a mysterious beauty. You can find this place on the rural road Analiontas - Kapedes. Click here for the exact location. While you enter the entrance hole, there are three tunnel options. Two of them are short so no worries. The other one is very long and we didn’t risk walking a lot until reaching its end. So be careful guys. There is no official information or instructions about this place.I felt safe , but again...Be careful.

Kokkinovouno Mine Lake

The mine lake was out of schedule. Actually we didn’t know its existence until that time. As we were on top of the cliff above Kokkinovouno Tunnel while shooting photos, we noticed huge excavation dirt. So we went to check it out. Click here for the exact location. The deep red color of the mine lake is really picturesque. By the way red water in mine lakes usually means that it was a copper or gold mine. To reach the mine, you have to drive a little bit off road. No worries though , it is not so hard.

Kokkinovouno Mine Lake

Tamassos Reservoir (dam)

Tamassos Dam and Riverland Bio farm next to it, is a subject that I want to get into, in more detail later next year, so I will not write more at this post.. It was part of our road trip though and I suggest you make a short stop for a break and maybe catch a drink or a bite at Riverland Bio Farm nearby, before heading to our next destination. You can contact Riverland bio farm and arrange kayaking in the Dam.

Tamassos Reservoir (dam)

Kampia Mine Lake

This one guys, is kind of tricky. You could reach this abandoned mine lake through a couple of unpaved rural roads a few years ago. Now the roads are blocked and some locals say that it is now a private area. I couldn’t reach the authorities to get an official answer about the actual status of the Mine lake. Anyway the mine lake is surrounded by forest hills (which I guess are not private), so we parked up to a certain accessible point and then hiked off trail (since there is no certain pathway leading there). If you are up to it, give it a try...You have to do some ground research to reach this one.

Kampia Mine Lake

The mine lake is just below the ‘’Angels Hills’’. Click here to see the location on google maps

This was it guys. I hope you enjoyed reading about it and I really hope you give this road trip a try. If you are not visiting from Nicosia you could reverse the road trip from the end to the beginning , or mix up the stops to fit your schedule. Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions. Until the next time, cheers!

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Kyriakos TSIFTES
Kyriakos TSIFTES
Dec 09, 2021

Αρκετά ενδιαφέρον το τούνελ, δεν γνώριζα την ύπαρξη του....

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