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Updated: Nov 15, 2021

Hey guys, I am back. New road trip, new adventures. This time, me and George drove from Vyzakia to Spilia Village and made some interesting stops along the way.

Check them out...

Note: Click on the above spots and you will be redirected on the exact google map location.


One of the non-popular Dams of Cyprus and Nicosia’s District, although is very beautiful and close to other sightseeing, which you can combine on your excursion. The dam was constructed in 1994 and it has had a volume capacity of 1.690.000 cubic metres of water and is being used for domestic irrigation. There is a small hill south of the dam, where you can climb and if you are lucky enough, you can see the dam from above and the Bay of Morfou, further.

Vyzakia Dam


Vyzakia Village

Firstly, have a Cyprus Coffee Break at the local coffee shop ‘’Τo Kiparissi’’, afterwards head down to the village’s main church, which has a very interesting architectural design. Move further down the road to the river (does not always flow - depends on the rainfalls) where you can see an abandoned oil mill.


Well, I don't know where to begin and where to stop writing about this, so I wont.

I will just redirect you to my post ‘’13 photos from Alesto Mine’’.


Now hear this. Habitation in the village is linked, according to researchers, with the decision of the residents of the village of Kyperounta and of other neighbouring villages of Troodos to settle permanently or seasonably to Agios Georgios. Check here for more...

St. Georges Church

The need of farmers from Kyperounta led them to seek hotter weather and fertile pieces of land, thus the discovery of Agios Georgios tou Kafkalou area, which by time became permanent settlement and Village. Anyway, it is a beautiful little village worth visiting and having a small walk around the village.


On your way to Kanavia Village, you will find at some point a small off road exit (there is no sign) that directly leads to a forest clearing, where a stream flows. There are tenths of similar places in Cyprus but the scenery there was very beautiful so we stopped there, walked a bit along the stream and shot some pictures.. So I thought that is worth mentioning and added it as part of the road trip. Check out the location here...


Well, I could dedicate a different blog post and a couple days staying for each village. Though for our day trip / road trip a passing through for some quick stops and photos was the only way. I hope in the future I will manage to stay and explore those villages more...

I will not be getting to detail about these three villages because there is so much information, rather than all three villages existed at least 500 years ago. That says enough about the importance of those villages, their history and how much you can see and discover…

This is it Guys. I think you will enjoy this Road Trip, so give it a try if you want. Especially Alestos Mine, which is extraordinary! I wish we had more time for the three villages I mentioned above, but I think this will be a different feature story in the future. I hope you enjoyed this post. Make sure to subscribe, if you haven’t. Until the next time, cheers!!

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