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From Skouriotissa Mining Village to Cyprus railway museum in Evrychou

Updated: Dec 22, 2022

Looking for a day trip near Nicosia ? Want to spent your day combining , incredible views , entertainment , education and nice food all together?

Well here it is , lets get to it.

1. Skouriotissa Mining Site & Village

2. Katydata & Linou village exploration

3. Molos Flasou Picnic Area

4. Cyprus railway museum in Evrychou

Skouriotissa is an abandoned village , in Nicosia district , that was settled by workers of Skouriotissa mine near by. Hence the name of the village. Today , a part of the village area is used by the peacekeepers as a base of their activities of keeping safe and patrolling the u.n buffer zone. The huge excavation holes of the copper mines , with the combination of the trapped rain water , offer a beautiful outcome. Me and some friends drove up there to witness the scenery , as we were told that it was beautiful. And it was indeed , so as the story behind all this, which if you want , you can find more info if you are interested here. You can spent an hour or two there , to discover the mining site and village.

Skouriotissa Mining

After that we drove to the small villages of Linou and Flasou , which are 5 minutes driving away from Skouriotissa mine area. Both villages are situated along Clarios river , they are pretty old (more 200 years old) and either just passing by with car , or make a stop for a walk around the villages , is definitely worth worth your time.

Make sure to stop on the spot named Molos, Flasou. It is a small picnic area next to Clarios river. The photo on the right is on that place. Perfect for a small break , a couple of beers :) , before carrying on.

After all those stops, a good old school Cypriot Souvla launch break , to the lovely restaurant named Klimataria Tavern , in Evrychou is a perfect idea. Don't eat to much though because you still have to drive to the Cyprus railway museum which is very interesting and educational place to visit.

Cyprus railway museum in Evrychou

All the above places described , are within an area that is named ''the geographical region of Solias''. It was a nice experience which i strongly recommend , for you , although there are much more to explore Solias region. It's up to you to choose the places to go and see , and what path to follow to discover this part of Cyprus

Until the next time . .

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