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Winter Troodos beyond it's Square

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

After the first snowflake drops in mountains of Cyprus , all roads lead to Troodos square. Even the ones leading to Rome :)

It is the most popular place in Cyprus to be during the winter. During the weekends there is a nonstop traffic Jam , car horns , accidents along the way , and once you arrive there . . hmm let me just say that is super crowded.

Does it worth it? off course ! Snow , children and there parents playing , teenagers having fun , smells of hot chestnut everywhere , people drinking zivania (google it) and so on , i can keep going for a week , but that not the purpose of this post.

Troodos Mountain range , is so beautiful in so many ways. There are literally hundreds of different spots , points of interest you can experience. You name it. Lakes , dams , waterfalls , small old villages , nature trails , abandoned mines , byzantine churches and monasteries , Venetian style bridges , ecotourism resorts. . Guys all those are out there , waiting for you to discover them.

Check out more of my posts , to get some ideas , or some inspiration from where you might want to start exploring.

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